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Seven, Who Is A Fish (Glub Glub) [userpic]
The Question
by Seven, Who Is A Fish (Glub Glub) (aitherion)
at June 21st, 2006 (04:55 pm)

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After reading through the archives from when I first joined, I was just curious...

How did you guys all find GBU? :3

And, if applicable, what brought you to join? Did you know people here, or did a specific post sway you over?

I found it 'cuz my sister found it for me when Mei (I think, it might have been Nami) asked in the Yaoi community for a Crocodile and Iceburg, and then I joined when I read the amazing adventures of Kuzan and Sir Edward questing for the Chalice of the Damned...

That was awesome. XD


Posted by: Skullcrusher inc (spiritfighter)
Posted at: June 24th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)

Let's see.. I think it was because I kept hearing about "GBU this" "GBU that" and stuff. I kept seeing art dedicated to GBU and etc, so I became determined to find this goddamn GBU.

The only clue I had was "GBU". I didn't know it was called "Golden Bell University" at the time. After searching and searching and searching, I FINALLY found it. I lurked for a while, thought about joining, but figured that I'm way to lazy for all that. Hell, if I have problems finishing an original RP with a friend of mine, I doubt I could handle having a character on here. I did want to try out for Ms. Merry Christmas or Ms. Doublefinger, but I decided against it.

I finally pitched the idea of a fan community to Mei and Eric and viola, here I am.