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Okay, I totally hate MySpace, but it's fun to make fake accounts. SO, if any of you guys have MySpace accounts, SO DOES SANDY, because he's such an attention whore/actual whore that you KNOW he would. Feel free to add him! <3 If I get excessively bored at work he might leave you comments or something once in a while. I don't even know.
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The Question

After reading through the archives from when I first joined, I was just curious...

How did you guys all find GBU? :3

And, if applicable, what brought you to join? Did you know people here, or did a specific post sway you over?

I found it 'cuz my sister found it for me when Mei (I think, it might have been Nami) asked in the Yaoi community for a Crocodile and Iceburg, and then I joined when I read the amazing adventures of Kuzan and Sir Edward questing for the Chalice of the Damned...

That was awesome. XD
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(no subject)

Okay, because shuraiya bullied me with crying Shurai asked me to do a Carue cosplay, I did.

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Okay, this is INSANELY cracky, but when I first found out that Smoker used to be a boxer, my mind immediately thought of Davyback!Smoker. Well, considering I have an endless supply of crazy halloween stuff [its a long story, but my entire household is halloween crazy], I decided to bring you the crackiness. Right here. To your computer.

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EDIT:: Hocrap. My second Db!Smoker didn't work. XD
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I've wanted to delurk for a long time but inability to draw, write or cosplay have been roadblocks.
However I made a little GBU tribute out of the drippings of the candle on my desk with my hands. It looks horrible but I wanted to atleast make something.

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fuzz, missingno?!

Taking All Suggestions... NOW

Yeah, so... I need suggestions for a Mr. 3 cosplay wig...

...shut up, yes, I'm going to cosplay as Mr. 3 at some point even though I'm like short, yes, shut up, yes, yes, we get it, quite funny, haha, shut up.

Anyway, taking all suggestions. I figure Mr. 3 is pretty much interchangable between GBU and normal, since the only difference is, you know, the fact that he wears a tie in GBU incarnation instead of a bowtie. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

So any suggestions for the hair would be appreciated; other than that, Mr. 3 is just about the easiest character in existance to cosplay, provided you can get a pinstripe coat... and how hard can that be.
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