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the fucking goodwill ambassador [userpic]
by the fucking goodwill ambassador (dist)
at July 5th, 2006 (05:01 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: green day - chump

Okay, I totally hate MySpace, but it's fun to make fake accounts. SO, if any of you guys have MySpace accounts, SO DOES SANDY, because he's such an attention whore/actual whore that you KNOW he would. Feel free to add him! <3 If I get excessively bored at work he might leave you comments or something once in a while. I don't even know.


Posted by: twelve ☆ shots (sacredmonster)
Posted at: July 5th, 2006 09:44 pm (UTC)
OP - Nojiko Monotone

You know, I might be tempted to do that with Paulie. If I can get convincing enough man pictures of me being stupid. Nojiko would be so much easier. XD

Posted by: Skullcrusher inc (spiritfighter)
Posted at: July 6th, 2006 06:28 am (UTC)

Ahaha, I'm adding him. xD Fullbody too.