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WELCOME, all fans and readers of the Golden Bell University roleplaying game! Since the actual GBU community is players only, here you can all discuss the recent goings-on of the game's plot and the characters, fan about your favorite characters or players, and especially post your graphics, fanart, and fanfiction that is based in the GBU universe. The players of the game can be members as well, and I'm sure they will all be watching the community: this is a great way for you all to communicate with the players and show them how much you appreciate their work!

The mod will also make announcements to this community concerning developments such as website construction and other relevent expansion news so that you can all keep up with the growing GBU project. They hope to have our archive website up over the summer, and any graphics, fanfiction, or fanart you contribute will also go up on the archive site!

Everyone have fun, and thank you so much for watching the game. They all appreciate it very much. ♥

1. Absolutely no slandering, bashing, putting down, or insulting the players themselves. Doing so will result in instant removal from the community. You get no chances with this one.

2. No fighting about which character is better, which pairing is better, etc, and no slandering, bashing, putting down, or insulting characters. Lightheated teasing concerning character personality is acceptable, and members may state their preferences in character or pairing, but things will remain polite and pleasant. We will warn you before you are banned.

3. Place all images and fanfiction underneath an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to LJ-cut, see the site FAQ.

4. Any posts considered inappropriate for the community by the mod will be removed.

5. Be rude to the mod and YOU will be removed. :D

Email any general questions and comments to the GBU email account: gbu@rioroute.net